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 Mount Broke Wines

Broke Fordwich, Hunter Valley

Why do people come to the Hunter Valley vineyards?

A number of reasons - the area is the oldest and one of the most prestigious grape growing area of Australia, home to many world famous names. Although the Hunter Valley only produces a tiny proportion of Australia's total wine, it punches well and truly above its weight in terms of quality and excitement.

So what makes the Hunter stand out?

Sure, the scenery is beautiful, yes it is only a short drive from both Sydney & Newcastle - the two largest cities in the State - but mainly the appeal is in discovering something new, fresh and exciting.

Broke Fordwich?

Not the biggest or most famous of the Hunter Valley sub-regions (there are six in all) but certainly one where you will be treated properly - no big crowds and time to talk. Broke is the nearest village, Fordwich is the adjacent farming area.


Okay, so where does Mount Broke Wines fit in to this?

Scattered around the Hunter Valley are small pockets of exceptional grape growing land, and some of them are sat in magnificent countryside. So if you combine a passion for growing your own grapes, picking the best of those for your own label, then inviting the world to drop in for a chat and to try the wine while relaxing looking at the view - you have a pretty good package. That is Mount Broke Wines.

We open on weekends (or by appointment) and invite visitors to discover what it is that makes vineyards and wine making so fascinating!

A wine tour of the Broke Fordwich vineyards